Pokémon Sleep CHAMPION TOURNAMENT 2024 video released with free in-game gift - Raikou Research continues, with Snorlax starting Week 2 at Ultra 4

Pokémon Sleep Champion Tournament 2024
In celebration of the release of a special highlight video from the Pokémon Sleep CHAMPION TOURNAMENT 2024, a special gift is now being distributed in-game in to all Sleep Researchers. The currently ongoing Raikou Research event is also receiving an unannounced bonus, with all Snorlax beginning Week 2 starting at Ultra 4.

Snorlax starts Week 2 of Raikou Research at Ultra 4
The Pokémon Sleep CHAMPION TOURNAMENT 2024 Commemorative Gift can be redeemed by anyone who logs in to the game before April 21st, at 6:59pm (UTC), and includes the following items:
  • Poké Biscuit ×4
  • Recovery Incense ×1
  • Energy Pillow ×4
  • Dream Cluster M ×1
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