Pokémon LeafGreen to feature in Brazilians Against Time Halloween 2023 charity marathon

BRAT Halloween 2023 banner
Brazilians Against Time (BRAT) will be hosting a speedrunning marathon from October 22nd to October 28th, in benefit of Gerando Falcoes, a social development ecosystem in Brazil that works with favela leaders to help break the cycle of poverty in the country. The entire event will be streamed from the group's official Twitch channel, with Pokémon LeafGreen being featured as a run on Wednesday October 25th.

BRAT is a biannual series of speedrun events in which players attempt to complete a game or an objective within the game as quickly as possible. BRAT has raised over R$270.000,00 for various humanitarian charities since 2016.

The details and expected times for the Pokémon run at BRAT Halloween 2023 is as follows. Please note that these times were correct at time of writing, but may be subject to change based on delays in the marathon. Check the full schedule below to check the approximate start time for each run in your local timezone, as well as for any schedule changes and updates.

Pokémon LeafGreen
Wednesday October 25th - 10:00am (BRT)
Category: Alternate Main Pokémon (Magikarp/Gyarados)
Expected length: 4 hours 30 minutes
Runner: Krolm009
Incentives: Name Magikarp and player character
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