N, Rosa, and Professor Sycamore to each be featured as part of Pokémon Masters EX's upcoming Trainer Lodge

Masters EX Trainer Lodge.jpg
The recent regular monthly update from Pokémon Masters EX producers Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi gave us our first information on the new major content, the Trainer Lodge, that would be coming to Pokémon Masters EX in end-August. After the Pokémon Presents presentation broadcasted August 3rd, we now know that N, Rosa, and Professor Sycamore will each be featured members of the Trainer Lodge, where they'll be joined by six other Trainers. More information on who will be present in the Trainer Lodge, and the rewards and stories players will be able to access through it, will be released later this month.

AllenWarrior Written by AllenWarrior