Pokémon Sleep to receive maintenance on July 9th for Version 1.9.0 update, with more QoL and balance changes ahead of the First Anniversary Fest

 Pokémon Sleep will enter a maintenance period early next week on Tuesday July 9th for an update of the software to Version 1.9.0. As usual, this maintenance period is expected to run for roughly 4 and a half hours, from 1:00am until 5:30am (UTC). In addition to preparing the game for the First Anniversary Fest event commencing the following week on July 15th, the update includes balance adjustments for dishes made with Greengrass Soybeans, as well as the addition of some minor new quality of life features.

According to the patch notes, the following changes will be made in Version 1.9.0:

New Features​

  • Addition of a display option for the pop-up that appears when Snorlax’s rating goes up
  • Preparation for the First Anniversary Fest
    For details, please see the announcements to be posted at a later date.
  • Addition of a new product, Trial Bundle Vol. 2
    Please see the news for more details.

Balance Adjustments​

  • Change to the help adjustments based on Energy
    Help from helper Pokémon with low Energy will be slightly more effective.
  • Adjustments to some dishes made with Greengrass Soybeans
    • Ninja Curry
      • Strength: 6,159 → 9,445
      • Greengrass Soybeans required: 15 → 24
      • Large Leeks required: 9 → 12
    • “Water Veil” Tofu Salad
      • Strength: 1,843 → 3,113
      • Greengrass Soybeans required: 10 → 15
      • Snoozy Tomatoes required: 6 → 9
    • Ninja Salad
      • Strength: 10,095 → 11,659
      • Greengrass Soybeans required: 15 → 19
    • “Huge Power” Soy Donuts
      • Strength: 3,213 → 5,547
      • Pure Oil required: 9 → 12
      • Greengrass Soybeans required: 6 → 16


  • Loading time sped up on Pokémon Box screen
    Note: We also plan to speed up other screens’ loading time in future updates, such as the one for Edit Teams > Select Member.
  • Power consumption reduced for tracking sleep without laying mobile device face down
  • Some texts
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