Pokémon Café ReMix counts down to its 4th anniversary with a new outfit for Garchomp – Marshtomp: Sushi Chef returns in Team Orders event!

Less than a week remains until Pokémon Café ReMix's 4th anniversary, and a new event counting down to its day is currently live, offering Marshtomp: Sushi Chef as reward along with other goods. New log-in stamps are also available for a limited time, while Garchomp: Sushi Chef is now available in Pelipper Delivery, and a new bingo card has been added to the Countdown Bingo, featuring Charmander: Royal. Finally, a new package offering the returning Eevee: Fancy Dress outfit is now available in the in-game Shop.

Marshtomp's Gourmet Restaurant is now ongoing!
The current event is a Team Order, which are event periods where you participate as a team, cooperating with your team members to rank up and get rewards. By collecting points from completing orders with their teammates, players can obtain Stamina Shards, Golden Acorns, Tarts, Marshtomp: Sushi Chef units, Marshtomp Cookies and Milestone Cookies. Players who have Garchomp: Sushi Chef or Flygon in their lineup when completing orders will receive an additional Point bonus, of +400% and +200%, respectively; Premium Pass owners will receive an additional +50% Point bonus for every order completed. The event will be available until June 23th, at 10:59pm (PDT).

Countdown to Four Years Stamps now available!
Players can obtain up to x3,000 Golden Acorns and x25 L-sized Tarts by logging in for 7 days until June 23th, at 10:59pm (PDT)!

Garchomp: Sushi Chef available in Pelipper Delivery!
Players can try their luck at Pelipper Delivery to obtain Garchomp: Sushi Chef! This Delivery will be available until June 29th, at 10:59pm (PDT).
Garchomp: Sushi Chef specializes in Small Plates, with a maximum puzzle score of 448. Its Specialty Gimmicks are Vegetables, Caramel and Milk. It requires 70 points to spawn its skill, which clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks diagonally twice, then replaces surrounding Pokémon icons with icons of the most common Pokémon. Raising its Outfit Grade rewards +3% bonus puzzle score for each grade, with the second grade granting a Starting Skill and the fourth grade granting additional Score ++ for Caramel.

New bingo card added to Countdown Bingo!
As previously announced, a new bingo card featuring Charmander: Royal is now available for players. Rewards for this card include Golden Acorns and XL-sized Tarts, along with the returning Charmander: Royal outfit as completion reward.

Eevee Dress Pack now available for purchase!
For USD $9.20 (or the equivalent in local currency), players can obtain x14,800 (paid) Golden Acorns and one unit of the returning Eevee: Dress outfit! Players who have already obtained this outfit previously will be able to increase its Outfit Grade by one. If the Outfit Grade is already maxed, it will be converted into Milestone Cookies instead. This package will be available until June 23th, at 10:59pm (PDT).

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