Pokémon Scarlet to feature as the closing run of Action Role Playing Games Marathon Event 2024 in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Action Role Playing Games Marathon Event (ARPGME) will be hosting their 8th annual speedrunning event from May 6th to May 12th. A full game run of Pokémon Scarlet is set to feature as the final run of the marathon. ARPGME will be raising money for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, and will be hosted on the ReallyReallyLongAThon Twitch channel.

ARPGME showcases runs in the action and RPG genres, and anything in between. The event aims to put on fun and entertaining events in a relaxed environment. It was originally hosted on and associated with the North American Speedrunner Assembly events from 2017-2020 before becoming its own entity.

The details and expected times for the Pokémon run in this event is as follows. Please note that these times were correct at time of writing, but may be subject to change based on alterations in the marathon. Check the full schedule to check the approximate start time for each run in your local timezone, as well as for any schedule changes and updates.

Pokémon Scarlet
Sunday May 12nd - 5:41pm (EDT)
Category: Any%
Expected length: 6:30:00
Runner: deserteagle417

To donate to ARPGME 2024, use the "Donate to Charity" option on the Twitch stream.
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