First look at Professor Friede's airship, and his crew, the Rising Volt Tacklers

We first heard about Friede, a new Pokémon Professor who will feature in the upcoming new Pokémon anime series, two weeks ago. In information released after the Pokémon anime episode that aired earlier tonight in Japan, we've now gotten our first look at his airship, as well as the four members of his crew, the Rising Volt Tacklers, and the voice actors who will be portraying these characters in Japan.


The four members of the crew announced tonight include:
  • The mecha lover Orio (オリオ), who is partnered with a Metagross
  • The skilled cook Murdoch (マードック), who is partnered with a Rockruff
  • The medical specialist Molly (モリー), whose partner Pokémon is the stereotypical Chansey
  • Lando (ランドウ), a man dressed as a fisherman, who does not have an announced partner Pokémon
    • Lando is voiced by Ikkyu Juku (塾一久), who is best known for his portrayal of Daisuke Aramaki in the Ghost in the Shell franchise. This is his first role related to Pokémon.
No further information about the crew or Professor Friede was included in either the preview trailer or the official press release.
Archaic Written by Archaic