New Pokémon Journeys Key Visual released - Masters 8 revealed

This week, the official Pokémon anime Twitter account released a new key visual to commemorate recent developments in the Pokémon anime. The poster features the top eight Trainers ranked in the Pokémon World Coronation Series, a tournament to determine the world's strongest Trainer, with their Pokémon. From left to right, the Trainers are: Lance with his Gyarados, Alain with his Charizard, Diantha with her Gardevoir, Ash with his Pikachu, Leon with his Charizard, Cynthia with her Garchomp, Steven with his Metagross, and Iris with her Haxorus.

The most recent episode of the anime to air in Japan showcased Ash's victory over the incredibly powerful Gym Leader of Hammerlocke City, Raihan, which pushed him into the position of 8th-best Trainer, and to the Masters Eight, a group comprised "of the eight best Pokémon Trainers in the world", which "consists of Elite Trainers who have won other championships and competitions around the world."

The rankings for the Masters Eight are as follows:
  1. Leon, the current world's best Trainer and Champion of Galar
  2. Cynthia, the Champion of Sinnoh
  3. Steven, the Champion of Hoenn
  4. Lance, the Champion of Kanto and Johto
  5. Diantha, the Champion of Kalos
  6. Alain, the Kalos League Champion
  7. Iris, the Champion of Unova
  8. Ash, the Champion of Alola
In addition to the other Champions of the regions, some of Ash's most fierce companions and rivals, who he's had many fiery battles with, will compete in the tournament. Ash's former traveling partner Iris, who is now the Champion of Unova, will compete at Rank 7. Ash's rival, who defeated him in the Kalos League finals, Alain, is in the tournament at Rank 6 as well.

The Pokémon anime currently airs every Friday from 6:55 PM JST on TV Tokyo.
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