They are Pokemon!

I created some ideas for converting various fictional characters into Pokemon!

You can add your own critiques, but I would instead invite others to use my template to make their own creations. Just don't go out of character with your characters. I prefer seeing accurate depictions rather than turning your headcanon into a god. Joke entries are allowed.


Type: Electric / Normal (Extreme Speed STAB)

Ability: Speed Boost (Gotta go Fast Gotta go Faster Faster Fasterfasterfaster!)

Moves: Extreme Speed / Double Team / Volt Switch / Quick Guard

Stats: Godlike Speed and great Attack, but low stats otherwise.

Strategy: Exploit the obvious advantages of priority to disorientate opponents.


Type: Fighting / Poison (Radiation)

Ability: Anger Point or Hustle or Huge Power

Moves: Rock Smash / Earthquake / Frustration / Bulk Up

Stats: Godlike Attack and Extreme Health and Defense. Trash Special.

Strategy: Use Attack-boosting moves or abilities to outlast and overpower other physical combatants.

Sidenote: Immortal Hulk can be a regional variant (from hell) that specializes more in Health and is Dark instead of Poison. Would be able to spam Recover and use Dark moves.


Type: Normal (he wasn't born with his metal) / Steel

Ability: Steadfast or Sturdy or Anger Point

Moves: Metal Claw / Swords Dance / Thrash (Berserker Mode) / Recover / Amnesia

Stats: Gamebreaking Defense and Attack. Meh Special.

Strategy: Focus primarily on attacking while occasionally using Recover to continue the fight longterm. Avoid anyone Steel types with Magnetpull.


Type: Steel / Electric or Psychic

Ability: Magnet Pull

Moves: Flash Cannon or Steel Beam / Reflect / Magnet Rise / Magnetic Flux

Stats: Legendary Special. Meh Physical and Health.

Strategy: Magneto 1 on 1 is powerful but inflexible. He is somewhat effective at supporting his team.

Deadpool (please note, this entry is mostly a joke)


Ability: Reckless or Regenerator

Moves: Attract / Swagger / Taunt / Teleport / Recover / Kartana’s sword moves / Shoyuken

Stats: Gamebreaking HP but Meh Defense. Imagine Blissey, but actually has a Good Attack stat.

Strategy: Be as obnoxious as possible while avoiding getting knocked out to wear down opponents. Still have enough offensive power to dominate the noobs and plebs.


Type: Bug (maybe Fighting for the secondary type)

Ability: Swarm (a lot of spider Pokemon have this already)

Moves: Sticky Web / Silk Trap / String Shot / Detect (Spidey Sense) / High Jump Kick / Taunt / First Impression or Lunge or U-turn or Pounce

Stats: Good balanced stats, with a slight focus on offense. Meh Special Attack.

Strategy: Adapt between either being offensive or wearing down your opponent with webs.

Fat Buu

Type: Dark / Fairy

Ability: Truant or Gluttony

Moves: Rest / Hyper Voice (Vice Shout) / Healing Bell / Play Rough / Faint Attack or Sucker Punch / Body Slam / Mimick or Copycat

Stats: Godlike HP. Extreme offenses. Meh Speed.

Strategy: Use massive HP to endure and outlast opponents.

Kid Buu (Mega Form or Evolution of Fat Buu)

Type: Dark / Fairy

Ability: Moody or Berserk

Moves: Moonblast (Planet Burst) / Rest or Recover / Pursuit or Teleport (Instant Transmission) / Close Combat

Stats: Godlike HP but Meh Defenses. Extreme or Gamebreaking Offenses.

Strategy: Use massive HP to endure and/or use raw power to destroy opponents.

Saitama (Serious Mode is Mega)

Type: Fighting / Normal

Ability: Iron Fist or Huge Power or Pure Power or No Guard

Moves: Focus Punch / Dynamic Punch / Mach Punch / Fissure / Mega Punch / Power Up Punch / Sky Uppercut (Bargain Day at the Supermarket!!!) / Bite / Vacuum Wave

Stats: …woah.

Strategy: Get bored from too much winning.

Sans (Undertale)

Type: Ghost / Dark

Ability: Wonder Guard (Miss)

Moves: Gravity / Detect / Seismic Toss / Spikes / Bonemerang or Bone Club / Guillotine (GET DUNKED ON!!!) / Rest

Stats: All stats are 1 (but it doesn't matter…)

Strategy: Use unconventional moves to inflict indirect damage while blocking the opponent from counterattacking. An unprepared player has no chance to win without forcing Sans to knock himself out with Struggle.


Type: Normal (for Explosion STAB)

Ability: Huge Power


Stats: Godlike Attack, but every other stat are Trash.

Strategy: Use EXPLOSION.

Sody Pop

Type: Normal / Fire (Fire Fox!)

Ability: Fluffy

Moves: Take Down / Thief (I got your credit card!) / Assist (Can I see your phone?) / Baby-Doll Eyes (Look how tiny my face is!) / Agility (I got the zoomies!) / Explosion (Why is your name Sody Pop?) / Scary Face (Pitch Black Eyes) / Chatter (Why is your character such a ---?) / Malicious Moonsault (Exploding Moonsault & Exploding Senton!) / Nasty Plot / Meditate (Here's my tutorial on how to see God.)

Stats: Baby Pokemon, with some focus on Speed and Attack.

Strategy: Attack quickly with Explosion or use tricky aggressive moves.

Greymon (evolves from Agumon)

Type: Dragon / Fire

Ability: Blaze

Moves: Tail Whip (Tail Whip) / Dragon Tail / Mega Horn (Great Horn Attack) / Flamethrower (Nova Flame) / Fire Blash (Nova Blast)

Stats: Great physical bulk with a focus on HP while still having somewhat Good Speed.

Strategy: Use good bulk to overpower opponents.

War Greymon (Mega Form of Agumon)

Type: Dragon / Steel

Ability: Tough Claws

Moves: Dragon Claw or Metal Claw (Mega Claw) / Draco Meteor or Blast Burn (Terra Force) / Protect or Iron Defense (Brave Shield) / Aerial Ace (Great Tornado)

Stats: Compared to Greymon, lower defense but all other stats are Great or Legendary.

Strategy: Use great stats and simple but effective moveset to brawl other powerhouses into submission.

Pomni (TADC Regional Form of Kirlia)

Type: Fairy / Normal or Psychic

Ability: Run Away or Emergency Exit

Moves: U-Turn / Baby-Doll Eyes (sad clown…) / Frustration / Amnesia

Stats: Her only Good stat is Speed.

Strategy: Pomni doesn't actually want to fight. She wants to avoid taking damage as much as she can.


Type: Steel (Man of Steel) / Flying

Ability: Chlorophyll or Protosynthesis or Solar Power or Justified

Moves: Fly /Strength / Synthesis (Healing Factor) / Superpower (Solar Flare) / Foresight (Super Vision) / Solar Beam (Heat Vision) / Bullet Punch (Faster than a…) / Extreme Speed / Iron Defense / Brave Bird (It's a bird!) / Whirlwind (Super Breath) / Icy Wind (Ice Breath) / Supersonic Sky Strike

Stats: Most stats are Godlike (superdupersuperman)

Strategy: Simply overpower opponents with his super-stats, or get an overkill boost from a teammate that knows Sunny Day.

Parasite (DC)

Type: Bug / Dark (Supervillain Type)

Ability: Rough Skin (DO NOT TOUCH Parasite) or Gluttony or Liquid Ooze

Moves: Leech Life / Strength Stap / Leech Seed / Bug Bite / Mimic / Lunge / Disable / Thunder Wave / Gastro Acid / Counter

Stats: Extreme HP.

Strategy: Drain and weaken your enemy to outlast them.

Ryu (Street Fighter)

Type: Fighting

Ability: Competitive or Rivalry

Moves: Counter or Focus Punsh (Focus Attack) / Sky Uppercut (Shoryuken) / Rapid Spin or Rolling Kick (Tatsumaki Senpukyaku) / Aura Sphere (Hadoken) / Close Combat

Stats: All stats are Good. Jack of all stats.

Strategy: Use adaptable stats and basic but flexible moves to defeat nearly any other strategy. Have issues when fighting against hammy dictator ghosts.

Sidenote: Ryu Clones are essentially the same thing but with stats and sometimes typing being altered. Users of the Satsui no Hado will have increased offense in exchange for fragility and have abilities like Dark Aura. Sakura will be a fragile speedster. Nothingness Ryu will be his Mega and have Clear Body or Inner Focus with all stats higher.

Dan Hibiki

Type: Normal / Dark (due to being somewhat influenced by Satsui no Hado, and to have 4x weakness to Fighting attacks)

Ability: Truant or Slow Start

Moves: Taunt / Splash / Tackle / Last Resort (combos well with Splash!) / Bounce (Taunt Jump)

Stats: Trash in everything. Give him the worst stats of Magikarp and Shuckle to make THE ULTIMATE LIFEFORM.

Strategy: Taunt, and hope that the enemy screws up.

Jeremy Hillary Boob

Type: ??? / Bird

Ability: Traunt or Serene Grace or Friend Guard

Moves: Present / Bestow / Celebrate / Splash / Trick Room / Sing

Stats: 68 HP / 60 Attack / 70 Defense / 64 Sp. Attack / 102 Sp. Defense / Speed 4

Sidenote: Jeremy's stats are Beatles references. Try to guess them all! HP, Attack, and Defense are all dates. Specials are song references.

Light / Kira

Type: Dark

Ability: Infiltrator or Pressure

Moves: Perish Song / Destiny Bond / Guillotine / Taunt / Scary Face / Memento / Final Gambit

Stats: Slightly defensive.

Strategy: Use unconventional instant ko tactics to compensate for low stats and inability to fight in standard combat. You need big brain to win.
Written by Pikazilla