Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Volume 6

Hi hi hi! Welcome to the latest episode of The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread, fondly known as BCCT! The BCCT Vol 5 has lasted for well over a decade and now we have Vol 6 that will hopefully last longer. Or hopefully not, I don't know, that's for the future OtB staff to figure out.

This thread is your one stop shop for casual conversation! Conversation can flow freely. All the regular forum rules apply, as well as several other rules that can be located in this post. Make sure your posts aren't random and that there's some thought put into them. And make sure to play nice and actually participate in discussion. Have fun!

In thread rules

We expect all in this wonderful, wonderful thread to adhere to the following rules alongside the main forum rules.

1) Random conversation and posts belong in our sister thread Random Messages!

2) Please don't randomly interject into other people's conversations. You can join their conversation, but don't derail it. Feel free to join the chat and suggest a new topic to talk about anytime, but if the topic isn't acknowledged, do not take offense. Your fellow members simply want to discuss the topic currently at hand, or it's possible they have nothing to contribute to the topic you have suggested. Please don't disturb the current chat by repeatedly bringing up your topic more than a couple of times.

3) If a topic here has been going on for more than a few posts, considering opening up a new thread on that topic!

4) No political discussion is allowed in this thread.

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Written by Pikochu