any thoughts on my trainer oc, heart

i made her AGES ago....

Heart's pokemon journey


22/6/23 -


she's strong willed, hates to lose, likes to relax & she's somewhat stubborn

she likes to joke sometimes, though :3

drinks she likes: Fresh Water, Moomoo Milk & Berry Juice.... Hot Litwick Cocoa ,

foods she likes: Casteliacone, Lava Cookie, Lumiose Galette, Old Gateau, Pewter Crunchies, Rage Candy Bar, Shalour Sable, honey, Pokebeans, poffins,

pancakes, donuts, chocolate & plain malasada, Cheesy Rowlet Pizza, Cheesy Whimsicott Meatloaf, Combee Waffles with Honey , Decorated Alcremie Cupcakes , Fluffy Eevee Pancakes , Happy Snorlax Loco Moco , Mimikyu Frightful Feast , Pikachu Fruit Flan , Playful Pancham Fried Rice , Rainbow Oricorio Popcorn, Ribombee Chocolate Cake, Swablu Shaved Ice, Torchic Rice over Omelet & Yummy Yamper Pasta

she also likes that her aunt's (the mum in johto) Cinnabar Volcano Burger that she makes is not spicy...

curry she likes: mild/dry & sweet... not spicy: Dry Curry, Sweet Curry, Sausage Curry,

Dry Sausage Curry, Sweet Sausage Curry, Bean Medley Curry, Dry Bean Medley Curry,

Sweet Bean Medley Curry, Toast Curry, Dry Toast Curry, Sweet Toast Curry, Pasta Curry,

Dry Pasta Curry, Sweet Pasta Curry, Mushroom Medley Curry, Dry Mushroom Medley Curry,

Sweet Mushroom Medley Curry, Apple Curry, Dry Apple Curry, Sweet Apple Curry, Plenty-of-Potato Curry,

Dry Plenty-of-Potato Curry, Sweet Plenty-of-Potato Curry, Fried-Food Curry, Dry Fried-Food Curry,

Sweet Fried-Food Curry, Tropical Curry, Dry Tropical Curry, Sweet Tropical Curry, Cheese-Covered Curry,

Dry Cheese-Covered Curry, Sweet Cheese-Covered Curry, Decorative Curry, Dry Decorative Curry,

Sweet Decorative Curry, Instant-Noodle Curry, Dry Instant-Noodle Curry, Sweet Instant-Noodle Curry,

Burger-Steak Curry, Dry Burger-Steak Curry, Sweet Burger-Steak Curry

Piquant Pikachu Curry

ingrediants: Mixed Mushrooms, Mago Berries, lum berries, sitrus berries & Pack of Potatoes ..... Packaged Curry 'no spicy'

Bread, Pasta, Fried Food 'no spicy'
Instant Noodles 'no spicy'
Precooked Burger 'no spicy'
Sausages 'no spicy'
Tin of Beans 'no spicy'
Fancy Apples, Fruit Bunch 'it's simply a bunch of bananas' & Moomoo Cheese

Tiny & big Mushrooms 'wonders if you can eat them, though'

she also likes berries... she likes: Cheri Berries, Pecha Berries, Rawst Berries, Aspear Berries, Leppa Berries, Oran Berries, Persim Berries, Lum Berries, Sitrus Berries, Wiki Berries, Mago Berries, dry bluk Berries, Nanab Berries,

Kelpsy Berries, cause she can cook them,

Qualot Berries, cause of the sweet inside, so she peels the spicy skin off...

Magost Berries, Watmel Berries,

Occa Berries, cause they can be heated up to get that sweet sweetness... ,

Passho Berries,

Kebia Berries, cause of the dry inside, so she peels off the sour skin,

Shuca Berries, Payapa Berries, Charti Berries, Kasib Berries,

Haban Berries, cause boiling them brings out the sweetness

Chilan Berries,

Apicot Berries, cause of the blue half, so she cuts off the green, sour half

Micle Berries, Custap Berries,

Roseli Berries, cause she can hardly taste the slight bitterness in all the sweetness

& Maranga Berries, cause of the sweetness inside, so she peels off the bitter peel

she doesn't like the taste of Soda Pop & lemonade... she doesn't drink Tea

she doesn't like chesto berries... cause they're too hard...

Figy Berries, Razz Berries, Tamato Berries, Spelon Berries, Rindo Berries, Tanga Berries & Babiri Berries, cause they're spicy

Aguav Berries, Wepear Berries, Rabuta Berries, Durin Berries & Jaboca Berries, cause they're bitter

Iapapa Berries, Pinap Berries, Nomel Berries, Belue Berries, Coba Berries, Colbur Berries & Rowap Berries, cause they're sour

bluk berries & Yache Berries, cause they can either be sour or dry... she doesn't like sour ones, though...

pomeg berries, cause the skin is sweet & spicy and & when chewed, it turns bitter...

Grepa Berries, Wacan Berries, Liechi Berries & Salac Berries, cause they can be sweet & sour

Ganlon Berries, cause they are dry & bitter

Petaya Berries & Kee Berries, cause they're spicy & bitter

ingrediants: Hamburger, Egg, Potato Tortilla, Rice, Noodles, Cheese, Banana, Apple, Kiwi


she's calm, but she doesn't like having her pokemon mistreated by anyone

she likes nicknaming her pokemon

she's afraid of ' some ' ghost pokemon, but not all... she doesn't like scary pokemon; for example: aerodactyl, the gastly line, banette...she doesn't like tentacool, tentacruel & gyarados, either...

she's afriad of giratina, so she actually ran away from it.... she doesn't like giratina's voice... she thinks it's scary :eek: 'when he's roaring'

she can't swim too well... thankfully, her seel, pawou will be there to help teach her if she wants him to...

she likes sweet things; for example: cookies, marshmellows

she really doesn't like heights

she really doesn't thunder or lightning

she's not one to let her pokemon battle, if she can... 'i doubt she'll be able to, though... since they need to level up... & you don't find rare candies to often... unless you hack....'

she kinda likes reading & isn't so good at math...


when she was 7, she was swimming at the beach & there were tentacool & a gyarados nearby... she had a light blue swimming costume on...

she was swimming with her mum's seel... she was scared of them, but seel protected her

about 4 or 5 days later, her mum caught a female caterpie for her & she named her ' flutter '

when she was 8, she & her parent's went the pokemon musuem in pewter city to see some fossils & stuff

she wondered off on her own with her caterpie, flutter...

she ran into a aerodactyl model... when she looked at it, it was staring at her...

being scared, she told flutter to use string shot at it... she did so & & heart picked up flutter & she ran to hide

when she was 9, they went to see a pokemon contest in hoenn in Slateport City & she loved it... flutter loved it too.. her eyes were twinkling...

she said, when she's 10 & she's a pokemon trainer, she wants to be a pokemon coordinator... flutter wants to do one when she evolves into butterfree

currently, she's 9 years old & practicing with flutter & her mum's seel & spearow in the back garden

she lives in Mulberry City (It is located between Tohjo Falls and Pewter City)

& also... would heart's best friend & starter, flutter the butterfree need to reset her level everytime she goes to a new region, like pikachu seems to do?

her region companions

kanto, johto:







Amy ''only one of them so far''


galar: tba

her teams:

kanto 'FireRed':

flutter the caterpie → metapod → butterfree ♀
dane the bulbasaur → ivysaur ♀
pijon the pidgey → pidgeotto → pidgeot ♂
cubi the cubone ♀
garura the kangaskhan & rura the baby kangaskhan ♀
Pawou the seel → dewgong ♀

johto 'heartgold':

flutter the butterfree ♀
Egg → Kirei the oddish → gloom → bellossom ♀
Egg → rio the dratini → dragonair → dragonite ♀
sand the sandshrew → sandslash ♀
amber the vulpix → ninetales ♀
juchi the mantine ♂

hoenn 'pokemon alpha sapphire':

flutter the butterfree ♀
kirei the bellossom ♀
muddy the mudkip → marshtomp → Swampert ♂
windbreak the taillow → swellow ♀
Egg → Topchi the trapinch → vibrava → flygon ♂
Egg → shuppet ♀

sinnoh 'pokemon platinum':

flutter the butterfree ♀
Kirei the bellossom ♀
silverwing the starly → staravia ♂
daru the bidoof → bibarel ♂
Luk the shinx - luxio ♂
Kauma the gible → gabite → garchomp ♀

alola 'pokemon ultra sun':

flutter the butterfree ♀
juchi the mantine ♂
Torra the litten → torracat ♀
soni the noibat → noivern ♀ 'replaced with ''deli the delibird '' '
Egg → Snowflake the alolan vulpix → alolan ninetales ♀
egg - toge the togedemaru ♂

unova 'pokemon white 2':

flutter the butterfree ♀
Daike the oshawott → dewott → samurott ♀
poichi the pidove/tranquil/unfezent ♂
zapra the blitzle ♂
daru the darumaka ♂
pani the pansage ♀

kalos 'pokemon x':

flutter the butterfree ♀
yaya the fletchling - fletchinder ♀
skid the skiddo ♀
Egg → kelp the skrelp → Dragalge ♂
tile the Helioptile ♀
egg - Cìló the horsea → seadra → kingdra ♀

galar 'pokemon shield+expansion':

flutter the butterfree ♀
wanpa the yamper → boltund ♂
min the minchino ♀ 'she & nix will become friends'
nix the espurr → meowstic ♂
Egg → lapin the scorbunny → raboot → cinderace ♀
Egg → Camome the wingull ♀
Written by Lot the pikachu