What's GROWING on? A look at Bulbapedia's newest additions from May 2024

Bulbasaur and Sunflora gardening
The Bulbapedia encyclopedia is always growing here at Bulbagarden! All sorts of edits and contributions sprout up every single day thanks to Pokémon enthusiasts from all around the world! Let's take a closer look at our editors' exciting contributions that have taken root during May 2024.

The Pokémon Video Games Browsing Portal on Bulbapedia
Now you’re thinking with Portals!
We have introduced Browsing Portals to the encyclopedia! A Browsing Portal is a new, curated way to navigate the encyclopedia; you can explore a variety of topics all from a single landing page. Starting off, we have portals prepared for Video Games, Animation, and the TCG to help you navigate these media, with more to come later, so be sure to take a look. Big thanks to Admin Rustle for spearheading this new way to browse Bulbapedia!

What’s in a Name anyway?
The Bulbapedia encyclopedia has over 53000 articles! Wow! You can find all sorts of interesting articles, from obscure anime opening themes to a variety of lists sorting Pokémon in different ways (such as the extremely important List of Pokémon by food preferences). But, after 19 years, many of those articles were at unexpected page titles. The wiki administration team has put together a handy guide on how pages will be named going forward. You can expect clearer and more consistent titles on Bulbapedia as we Rollout these changes! Check out the detailed update here.

Say Yellow To Your Pal, Pikachu!
All-around editor Landfish7 has brought us a new article on your favorite Pika pal from Pokémon Yellow Version! After your rival snatches up the Eevee that was intended for you, Oak offers an unusual Pikachu partner instead. Similar to another Pikachu you may know, this electric mouse refuses to stay in its Poké Ball, and will follow you wherever you go. Perhaps it simply always wants to be with you. Read more about this peculiar pal here!

Gotta catch em all, Pokémon!...in Hindi?
We all know the English Pokérap, but do you know the Hindi one? This Pokérap was the ending theme for the second Hindi dub of Pokémon the Series, and Junior Admin SuperPikaPool13 is here to tell you all about it! This Pokérap doesn’t mention the individual Pokémon like the English Pokérap or the Japanese Can You Name All the Pokémon? within its lyrics, but you can still enjoy this bop from the ‘90s anyway. Bulbapedia’s mission is to write something about all aspects of the Pokémon franchise, so if you are a Poké Fan from around the world, feel free to join today and tell the world about the Pokémon franchise from your country!

Where in the World are Liko and Roy?
Our protagonists are making their way through the Paldea region, and at the beginning of May, we watched episode HZ048 ‘Shine! The Brilliance of Fire and Art’! Liko, Roy and Dot took part in the Artazon Art Festival, an annual event done in collaboration with the town's residents and members of Naranja Academy. In this article, penned by anime expert Hikaru Wazana, you can see the beautiful paintings and sculptures created by our favorite characters. Take a sneak peak by looking at Roy’s Flaming Charizard sculpture!
It’s the flame that burns brightest! The flame that lights the night! The flame that shatters the darkness. He is... the Flaming Charizard!

I am not a Human Being! I am an Animal!
Thanks to detectives SuperPikaPool13, MasterFrostyShake, and Hikaru Wazana, we now have an article on Ryan Reynolds, the voice of Detective Pikachu in the titular live action film. Investigate your favorite funny man and watch some behind-the-scenes clips as we wait for the mysterious conclusion of whether Reynolds returns in the sequel.

Show me your Moves!
How many attacks have appeared in the Pokémon Trading Card Game? Over 1000? Is it over 9000?!? Actually, due to the recent work of Junior Admin Daniel Carrero, we can now definitively say that over 7,100 attacks have appeared throughout the 18 year history of the card game. You can find our full list here, and don’t forget to check out the fan-favorite Cards with Boyfriends.

Shadowy Secrets & Toxic Tricks!
Today, June 7th, is the release of the Japanese Night Wanderer TCG expansion. In this expansion you can find brand new cards featuring Pecharunt ex and the Loyal Three. Pokémon and characters with associations to villainous teams, evil doing, or otherwise shady behaviors and activities can also be found within the shadowy darkness. This set also introduces the first ever ACE SPEC Stadium card: Neutral Center. TCG specialist Anzasquiddles has selected his favorite cards just for you! Enjoy James Turner’s spectacularly spooky storytelling with Duskull, Dusclops, and Dusknoir.

Duskull - Night Wanderer 68
Dusclops - Night Wanderer 69
Dusknoir - Night Wanderer 70

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Special thanks to Landfish7 for helping write parts of this article.
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