Five New Poké Lids unveiled this past week, to be installed across Japan's Wakayama Prefecture across April and May

The 5 new Poké Lid designs
A set of 5 new Poké Lids have been unveiled ahead of their installation across Wakayama Prefecture in Japan over the coming two months. These Poke Lids were illustrated by Saya Tsuruta, who fans may recognize as a prominent TCG card artist and the designer of Pokemon like Audino and Goomy. Saya also illustrated the location previews in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Versions.

The Poké Lids each feature their own unique Pokémon design incorporating aspects of the area in which they were installed:
  • Wakayama City: Luxray and Primarina - Wakayama roughly translates to "Japanese Song Mountain"
  • Shirahama: Pancham and Palafin at Shirahama Beach
  • Nachikatsuura: Celebi in front of Nachi Falls, the tallest single-drop waterfall in Japan
  • Mount Koya: Rapid Strike Urishifu - Mount Koya is the site of a large temple settlement, and plays host to Kongōbu-ji Temple, the ecclesiastical headquarters of the Kōyasan sect of Shingon Buddhism
  • Kushimoto: Cleffa, Elgyem, Magnezone, and Deoxys - The design features a rocket, in reference to Spaceport Kii, a commercial spaceport that recently played host to its first attempted rocket launch
As of writing, only the Wakayama City Poké Lid has received a firm installation date, being scheduled to go in on April 5th. The Nachikatsuura and Kushimoto Poké Lids are scheduled to go in in the latter part of April, while the Shirahama Poké Lid will go in sometime in early May. The installation of the Mount Koya Poké Lid has not yet been scheduled.
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