The Pokémon Company International x Van Gogh Museum collaboration reveals special events, new merch, and an exclusive TCG card

Pikachu x Van Gogh promo card
Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum Logo
Following up on their mysterious teaser trailer from earlier this month, The Pokémon Company International and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam are now showing off more details of their collaboration, which begins today, September 28th, and will run through until January 7th, 2024. The latest announcement shows off special artworks and events within the museum, merchandise coming to the Pokémon Center online, and an exclusive Pokémon Trading Card Game release featuring Pikachu in the style of a Van Gogh painting.

The collaboration comes as a celebration of the Van Gogh Museum’s 50th anniversary, and seeks to connect Vincent van Gogh’s appreciation of Japanese prints to the world of Pokémon, in order to “allow the next generation to get to know Vincent van Gogh’s art and life story in a refreshing way,” according to Emilie Gordenker, General Director of the Van Gogh Museum.

Director of Licensing at The Pokémon Company International, Mathieu Galante, says, “We are always looking for fantastic partners that we can create unique and joyful experiences for Pokémon fans, and we have genuinely found that in working with the Van Gogh Museum.”

At the Van Gogh Museum
Plenty of special exhibitions and events are planned for visitors to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, including a permanent installation of six paintings inspired by Van Gogh’s most famous works. A Pikachu portrait inspired by Self-portrait with Grey Felt Hat, and a version of Wheatfield with Crows where the titular crows are replaced with Corviknight, were both created for the exhibition by TCG artist Naoyo Kimura (who also did the promo card), while a version of Self-Portrait with Straw Hat featuring Eevee, and a reimagining of The Bedroom including Snorlax and Munchlax, are contributed by TCG artist sowsow. Rounding out the collection, TCG artist Tomokazu Komiya brings us the painting teased in the trailer, Sunflowers, with an added Sunflora and, fittingly, Smeargle as Self-Portrait as a Painter.

Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum - Snorlax Munchlax inspired by The Bedroom
Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum Gallery
Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum - Sunflora inspired by Sunflowers

The Van Gogh Museum is also offering a “Pokémon Adventure” to visitors, a self-guided journey through the original works that inspired the six paintings above. Designed for children 6 and older (though adults are welcomed to participate), guests who complete the Pokémon Adventure can receive the special Pikachu x Van Gogh Museum promo card at the end of their tour. Visitors are also invited to join in the art-making process with a “How to Draw Pikachu” video, playing in the Restaurant Rietveldgebouw within the museum. General admission tickets to the Van Gogh Museum include all these exhibitions and activities, and are only available online.

Upcoming Merchandise
Luckily, in-person at the Van Gogh Museum isn't the only place to get the Pikachu x Van Gogh Museum promo card. It will be available as a free gift with any purchase of Pokémon Center x Van Gogh Museum merchandise from the Pokémon Center online store, while supplies last. The Van Gogh Museum's online store will feature their own line of Pokémon x Van Gogh merchandise, including prints of some of the above artwork, postcards, t-shirts, and stationary, among other things, but it is important to note that the museum will not be including the promo cards with orders of their merchandise.

Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum - Pokemon Center Jigsaw Puzzle
Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum - Pokemon Center Jigsaw Puzzle Figure
Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum - Pokemon Center Jigsaw Puzzle Plush
Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum - Pokemon Center Jigsaw Puzzle Tote Bag

The Pokémon Company reports that plushies, posters, Pikachu and Eevee figures, puzzles, TCG sleeves and more, all inspired by Van Gogh and his works, will be available online at the Pokémon Center. While the collection doesn’t go on sale until tomorrow, early invitee to the exhibition @thewossy on X (formerly Twitter) has given fans a sneak peek at some of the upcoming sleeves and playmats.
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nickdt Sep 28, 2023
I mean... this and the Starry Nights paining in the BDSP games..... i am convinced we are getting a Netherlands Pokemon Region eventually down the line.

But this is so awesome and i will be there as well.