Pokémon TCG Online to cease active development from March 1st - will not be updated for 2023 Standard format or receive Scarlet & Violet series cards

The Pokémon Company International has announced that active development on the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online will cease as of March 1st this year. While the game may continue to receive occasional bug fixes, the company's focus will now shift over to the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live, the beta of which opened up to global audiences from November 15th, 2022.

Until the Pokémon TCG Online app is officially sunsetted, the in-game Versus Ladder reward tracks will continue to receive updates, however the recently announced 2023 Standard format rotation, as well as the new errata being applied to Pokémon Tool cards from this rotation onwards, will not be applied in the Pokémon TCG Online.

The recently released Crown Zenith set will be the final new set to be added to the Pokémon TCG Online software. Most of this set was already added earlier this month on January 19th. On February 16th, the final three products will be added to the software, these being the Crown Zenith Special Collection - Pikachu VMAX, Lucario VSTAR Special Collection, and Kleavor VSTAR Special Collection. Supported Pokémon TCG Online code cards will still be able to be redeemed in the software until it is officially sunsetted. Cards from the Scarlet & Violet series onwards will only be able to be redeemed in Pokémon TCG Live.

Players of the existing Pokémon TCG Online app are able to migrate their account and game data to the new Pokémon TCG Live app, using their Pokémon Trainer Club accounts. Please note however that migrating account and game data is a permanent decision, and will result in Trainers losing access to Pokémon TCG Online. Existing Pokémon TCG Online players can however choose to play Pokémon TCG Live during the beta period without losing access to the Pokémon TCG Online app, simply by not migrating their accounts. Players who initially opt-out of migrating their accounts will be able to change their mind at any time, and perform a migration from the settings menu. More information on what is transferred to Pokémon TCG Live can be found in the official FAQ here.

Players around the world can access the Pokémon TCG Live beta on mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play, or download it for PC and Mac at this website.
Archaic Written by Archaic