New Pokémon rings from U-TREASURE bring a Mythical flair to your special moments

The Japanese jewelry company U-TREASURE, who is known for partnering with many Japan-based and international media franchises to make character-based jewelry, will be releasing a new set of Pokémon-themed rings on May 31st. These new rings are a continuation of the U-TREASURE Pokémon ring line, which recently saw the addition of wedding and engagement rings featuring Gengar. The new rings will feature the popular Mythical Pokémon Mew, and will be available in variety of different materials.

The new rings are half eternity rings, which are traditionally given on special occasions, and are forged with an infinity-shaped bend. Every ring is has 13 diamonds on the top half, with a front silhouette of Mew on the face near the diamonds, and Mew's tail popping out on the inside. The rings come in platinum with rose gold, rose gold, silver with cubic zirconia, and rose gold coated silver with cubic zirconia.

A simple and elegant half eternity ring with diamonds lined up on the front of the ring. By the diamonds, a happy-looking Mew floats along. Mew's tail follows him to pop out for an unforgettable stylish look. They can be stacked or worn anytime.

The most expensive ring in the collection is the 950 Platinum and 18-karat rose gold ring, at 148,500 yen (~$1,140.75 USD). For a slightly cheaper option, the 18-karat rose gold ring is priced at 132,000 yen (~$1,014.13 USD). At the bottom of the range meanwhile is a silver ring with cubic zirconia instead of diamonds, which can be had for only 22,000 yen (~$169.04 USD). This last ring is also available in rose gold coating,

U-TREASURE's entire range of licensed Pokémon-themed rings can be purchased from the official U-TREASURE website, as well as from U-TREASURE's physical store in Ikebukuro, at Otomate Building 4F, 1 Chome-23-5 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
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