Australia Post releasing special set of Pokémon Stamps for Pokémon's 25th anniversary

Australia Post has announced in the latest issue of their free Stamp Bulletin magazine the release of a special "Celebrating 25 years in 2021" Pokémon Stamp Pack. This special set includes stamps featuring Ash, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and a range of fan favourite Pokémon from across multiple generations of the franchise. Similar to other collectors stamp sets from Australia Post, the set is distributed in a special cardboard display, with the stamps themselves sealed under a thin plastic cover. These Pokémon stamps will only be available in this collectors set, rather than being available for individual purchase. While the set includes $1.10 AUD denominated stamps with a balloon heart design as spacers between the characters, the Pokémon stamps themselves do not bear any denomination, and are not valid for postage. Given also that these Australia Post collectors sets are typically made so that removing stamps is difficult if not impossible without physically destroying the display, it's unlikely that you'll be seeing many, if any, of these being put on letters and packages.

The set will release via all of Australia Post's retail channels on May 18th, priced at $25.50 AUD. The set can be pre-ordered now from Australia Post's Philatelic Mail Order Bureau, using the order form included in Stamp Bulletin, or via telephone order, for an additional $5 AUD postage ($9 AUD international). The set will available for purchase via the Australia Post online store and in large format Australia Post retail stores.
Archaic Written by Archaic